What happens when you eat a lot of fast food?

Fast foods have over the years become a popular food solution for most people nowadays. It is simple to see why these foods are becoming popular. They are readily available, cheap and often contain additional flavors and chemicals, which have been shown to affect various cell functions. The unmistakable Golden Arches of McDonalds have become notable food symbols for most people nowadays. Food is an energy and nourishment source for the body. As such, it plays a major role in your cell functions and your overall well-being as well. Fast food may not be necessarily bad, but consuming it on a regular basis and without the appropriate lifestyle habits may affect your overall health. These foods contain large amounts of processed sugar, trans-fats, sodium, and calories, which are often harmful when consumed inappropriately. More so, fast foods have a poor nourishment value, and several studies have shown the relation In between such foods and health complications.

Here are some of the effects of consuming a lot of fast food.

Weight complications

If you have ever evaluated the nutritional information on most drink or food labels, then you will know that each measurement is classified based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Although the level of calories that are consumed on a daily basis depends on various factors, such your BMI and sex, consuming a high amount of fat often leads to obesity complications. Fast foods are one such example, and these foods contain lots of calories. For instance, a burger comprises of as much as 500 calories while a taco might comprise of much as 200 calories. Consuming these types of foods on a regular basis increases your caloric intake, which is, in turn, converted into body fat.

Increased cholesterol level

One recent study by the American Heart Association showed that there are two types of fats. The naturally occurring fat that is found in animals and the man-made fat, which is made in manufacturing companies. The man made fat are common for fast food preparation since they are affordable and long lasting, which makes the ideal for food preparation purposes. However, these fats have been shown to increase the levels of cholesterol in the body, which in turn leads to increased heart complications. Furthermore, the high levels of carbohydrates in fast food are converted into fat stores, which tend to compromise the functionalities of certain body organs. This is known as ectopic fat and is often exacerbated by consuming foods with high levels of fat and sugar.

It compromises your hormonal level

Consuming lots of fast food also affects hormone production in the body. Most of these types of foods often contain high amounts of sugar, flour, and preservatives, which are the leading contributors of hormonal imbalance in the body. For instance, fast food might lead to an increased occurrence of acne in teens. In most cases, this is often due to the fast food nutrient index, which affects how glucose is released into the bloodstream. More so, this hormonal imbalance has also been shown to be the leading cause of mood complications in individuals who tend to consume large amounts of fast food.

Digestive and cardiovascular complications

The conventional fast foods and beverages are packed with carbohydrates, and they also have poor nutritional value. The digestive system metabolizes the high caloric content of sugar, which is then released into the blood. The pancreas responds by producing insulin, which Is important in the transportation of sugar all throughout the body. When the sugar is absorbed, this causes a decrease in blood sugar levels. When the sugar level reduces, the pancreas produces glucagon hormone, which informs the liver to make use of stored sugar. Consuming large amounts of sugar will compromise this functionality, which will then lead to future cardiovascular complications such as stroke or digestive complications such as metabolic syndrome.


All things taken together, there is no space for insufficient improvisation or choice making when it comes to managing your diet. The side effects of what happens when you eat a lot of fast food are many, and you should avoid these types of foods at all costs. Consider other food alternatives such as homemade food, whereby you can monitor the nutritional intake to suit your nourishment needs.