Why Junk Food Isn’t Good For You

Why Junk Food Isn’t Good For You

Junk food is unhealthy and has little or no nutritional value. Junk food is one of the most dangerous addictions among children. Junk food is purchased as ready-to-eat or quick-to-cook, either from ‘fast’ food vendors or pre-packed in snack size portions. Junk food is associated with obesity, heart disease, diabetes and dental cavities. In today’s society, there is a lot of debate going back and forth on how unhealthy junk food is and how far we can go to ban some of the unhealthy junk foods. The biggest counter argument is that most of this food don’t contain a lot of calories and if you take some examples the big tasty contains around 600 calories and most meals in KFC contain just around 700 calories. The problem with junk food, however, isn’t necessarily calories and you cannot break everything down in calories.


Reasons why junk food is bad for you

  • Adds calories

First of all the problem quickly becomes the calories since it is very rare that people just go for a burger, they usually also go for a coke and fries. Going for a burger menu instead of just the burger suddenly doubles or even triples some calories you are consuming. One can lose weight by consuming fewer calories than they are burning, there is a lot more to that story in real life. However, in theory, you could eat three big tasty’s a day which would amount to 1800 calories, and if you burned 2000 calories a day, you would still be losing weight.

What we need to realize however is that , just because someone is skinny, it doesn’t mean they are healthy on the inside, and therefore we need to take care of our internal health too. You might ask yourself what the real problem with these items is if it is not some calories.


  • Unhealthy fats

The biggest issue about junk food, however, is some unhealthy fats and salt it contains. Almost 50% of most junk food burgers consist of greasy fat, and this fat is not good for your cardiovascular health and will put great pressure on your heart. A large amount of salt will also mess with the water levels of your body, and excessive sodium, in general, is really bad for your health. Well, it is something that has lots of fat and sodium. Too much grease in food makes it considered “junk.” Potato chips are one common fattening food that gets cooked in grease to become hard and crunchy.


  • Lack fibers

Most foods in this group without exception contain no fibers. Your body needs fibers for digestion, and this is why a lot of people who eat junk food have digestive problems. All in all, junk food is not only as unhealthy as we think, but it is also actually worse.


  • Refined sugar

It contains high levels of refined sugar, white flour, fats, polyunsaturated, salt, fat, and food additives like tartrazine, monosodium glutamate and it lacks in proteins, vitamins, and fibre, among other healthy attributes.


  • Cause stomach aches

The very phrase is very common to foods that are cooked in fast food restaurants. Those foods are cooked in fat grease that makes our stomachs go through processes that can hurt them in the long run. Sweets like donuts or even fruit Danishes are some other common foods that are tasty but not necessarily good for us.


  • High in cholesterol

There are reasons why they are bad for your body and can leave you with problems in the long run. These problems are obesity or heart blood clots. Cholesterol is one bad thing when you get older and can cause you to have a heart attack.

When you have a high cholesterol level, you should know it’ could be because of what you’re eating. In which case, it is probably something that you should stay away from as it puts stress on your body and introduces toxins into your body. This will cause you to have to detox your body more than normal.


  • Cause low self confidence

When your body eats less-nutritious items, you will often notice a weight gain. The reason why junk food is bad for you is that it also can impact your life in different ways. The weight gain can leave you depressed, and your self-confidence goes down. The key to staying away from this is to read the ingredients or even check the calories, and it’ll make you want to stay away. Also, sodas are in this category. In the end, only you can stop eating junk food but know that in the long run, your body is suffering.


  • No nutritional value

Junk foods have little or no nutritional value. You make a valid point when you point out that most junk foods such as donuts, muffins taste great I concede your point, but if you keep on taking down junk that does not benefit your body, you will be depriving your body of the vital nutrients it needs to remain healthy. You will suffer in the long term.

These foods will give you a sugar rush but the crash experienced afterward will dramatically cause damage to your energy levels. Plus, you will feel tired all the time, because of the lack of healthy nutrients that you are consuming. And you will not feel like eating healthy nutritious foods.