Which Junk Foods Are The Most Unhealthy

Have you ever thought of grabbing a quick snack and opted for some type of junk food instead of a healthier choice? We’ve all been there. But those calories can quickly add up and affect our health over time. The majority of junk food that we consume nowadays is loaded with artificial ingredients that take a toll on our bodies. Let’s go over some favorites that taste delightful, but harm us in the long run.

Diet Soda

Ahh. Who wouldn’t mind a glass of pepsi once in awhile. But consuming it frequently can lead to weight gain and some undesirable problems. Studies have found that diet soda is linked with type 2 diabetes. It can also cause headaches due to the abundance of artificial sweeteners in it. Although diet soda claims to have no calories, it is still as harmful as regular soda. If replaced with water, the benefits will be countless.

Sugary Cereal

We all have those days where we don’t have time to eat a proper breakfast, so we usually go for a quick bowl of cereal. Little do people know, the high amounts of sugar that cereal has, causes diabetes and even cancer. Eating cereal for breakfast can also lead to a lack of fiber and protein. Instead, go for a slice or two of whole wheat bread, which helps to meet your daily requirement of fiber. A side of fresh fruit and yogurt can also aid in getting in protein.


Chips are packed with calories and fat that lead to weight gain, causing obesity and heart disease in the long run. The amount of sodium that chips have today is alarming to our health. Such high amounts are responsible for hypertension and increased levels of cholesterol. Not only that, but chips don’t have much nutritional value.

Chips might have a great deal of calories, nevertheless those calories can’t provide you with the amount of vitamins and protein that should’ve been consumed in a single serving. This leads to a lack of nutrients in one’s body. A healthier option would be a side of vegetables such as carrots and celery with a tablespoon or two of ranch or hummus.


Who hasn’t heard that phrase about eating just one more cookie, right? But unfortunately, those extra cookies add up and before we know it, the next time you step on the scale, an additional pound or two have shown up. That is mainly caused due to the amount of saturated fat and trans fat that is loaded in cookies. Along with all the sugar that is inside one of these tiny treats, the sweetness comes from a variety of artificial sweeteners. The flour that cookies are made of is also highly processed. Fruit is a much better choice instead, providing your body with the nutrients that it needs to function properly, while cookies would slow you down and make you less active.


One of the most common comfort foods is pizza. The shocking amount of calories due to the bulk of cheese, tomato sauce and unhealthy crust options, no doubt leads to weight gain. It also contains unfavorable ingredients such as refined wheat flour. That means that the source of wheat has been tampered with and is not natural. It adds more processed clutter into our systems.  The high levels of sodium found in pizza further increases your blood pressure. A wiser choice would be to make a pizza at home with organic vegetables and whole wheat dough. Limiting the load of cheese will also help to make the pizza healthier.


Although tasty, donuts are filled with a large supply of trans fat. That contributes to heart conditions and higher cholesterol. These sugary treats also contain high fructose corn syrup, which immediately turns to unhealthy fat. This directs one to weight gain and eventually obesity if more than the recommended amount is eaten. A more suitable option would be some type of muffin with nuts for added protein. That way, your craving for a sweet delicacy is taken care of while taking your health into consideration.

Next time you’re itching for a treat and it happens to be one of these options, try one of the healthier alternatives. As you may have noticed, all of the items on this list share a similar quality. They all lead to weight gain, which doesn’t have much benefit if all the sources are artificially processed. Of course, it’s okay to eat one of these snacks occasionally, as long as you eat in moderation.